Better Format, Variety of Tubing

​Zing-Pac is the best choice for all your barrier film bagging applications.  Plain or pre-printed barrier film tubing is available in a wide variety of materials to satisfy your needs.

The Efficient, Economical Choice for Barrier Packaging Needs

The Zing-Pac Bagging System 


Integrates with Filling Systems

Our ZP-300P bagger fully integrates with a variety of filling systems, including linear weigh scales and auger fillers. 

Zing-Pac manufactures the economical and efficient ZP-300P bagging system for creating, filling and sealing bags made from metalized polyester tubing and other barrier films. Call us today and have our expert team assist you with your packaging needs.

Economically Priced

Our ZP-300P bagger is priced well below other systems.  You'll definitely save when it comes to inventory, labor, and material costs.



The ZP-300P bagging system is the ideal bagging system for creating, filling, and sealing bags made from barrier film tubing such as polyester, metalized polyester, foil, nylon, and polypropylene. With its patented process, it allows users to economically create packaging that provides a vapor or moisture barrier, keeping the product inside fresh and protected.

Simple to Operate

Our system allows for easy setting and storing of jobs, in-job counting, and maintenance. Plus Zing-Pac has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on parts.

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Ideal for medium-volume packaging in a wide range of industries, including food, pet, medical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and lawn and garden.  Some examples include coffee, candy, spices, frozen treats, pet food, snack mixes, cookies, nuts, and liquids. See the "Applications & Videos" page to find out more of what Zing-Pac has to offer.